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from i3pystatus import IntervalModule
from i3pystatus.core.command import run_through_shell

[docs]class Shell(IntervalModule): """ Shows output of shell command .. rubric:: Available formatters * `{output}` — just the striped command output without newlines """ color = "#FFFFFF" error_color = "#FF0000" ignore_empty_stdout = False settings = ( ("command", "command to be executed"), ("ignore_empty_stdout", "Let the block be empty"), ("color", "standard color"), ("error_color", "color to use when non zero exit code is returned"), "format" ) required = ("command",) format = "{output}" def run(self): retvalue, out, stderr = run_through_shell(self.command, enable_shell=True) if retvalue != 0: self.logger.error(stderr if stderr else "Unknown error") if out: out = out.replace("\n", " ").strip() elif stderr: out = stderr full_text = self.format.format(output=out).strip() if not full_text and not self.ignore_empty_stdout: full_text = "Command `%s` returned %d" % (self.command, retvalue) self.output = { "full_text": full_text, "color": self.color if retvalue == 0 else self.error_color }