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from i3pystatus.core.util import internet, require
from i3pystatus.scores import ScoresBackend

import copy
import json
import pytz
import re
import time
from datetime import datetime
from urllib.request import urlopen

API_URL = ',51&date=%04d-%02d-%02d&gameTypes=E,S,R,A,F,D,L,W&hydrate=team(),linescore(matchup,runners),stats,game(content(media(featured,epg),summary),tickets),seriesStatus(useOverride=true)&useLatestGames=false&language=en&leagueId=103,104,420'

[docs]class MLB(ScoresBackend): ''' Backend to retrieve MLB scores. For usage examples, see :py:mod:`here <.scores>`. .. rubric:: Available formatters * `{home_name}` — Name of home team * `{home_city}` — Name of home team's city * `{home_abbrev}` — 2 or 3-letter abbreviation for home team's city * `{home_score}` — Home team's current score * `{home_wins}` — Home team's number of wins * `{home_losses}` — Home team's number of losses * `{home_favorite}` — Displays the value for the :py:mod:`.scores` module's ``favorite`` attribute, if the home team is one of the teams being followed. Otherwise, this formatter will be blank. * `{away_name}` — Name of away team * `{away_city}` — Name of away team's city * `{away_abbrev}` — 2 or 3-letter abbreviation for away team's city * `{away_score}` — Away team's current score * `{away_wins}` — Away team's number of wins * `{away_losses}` — Away team's number of losses * `{away_favorite}` — Displays the value for the :py:mod:`.scores` module's ``favorite`` attribute, if the away team is one of the teams being followed. Otherwise, this formatter will be blank. * `{top_bottom}` — Displays the value of either ``inning_top`` or ``inning_bottom`` based on whether the game is in the top or bottom of an inning. * `{inning}` — Current inning * `{outs}` — Number of outs in current inning * `{venue}` — Name of ballpark where game is being played * `{start_time}` — Start time of game in system's localtime (supports strftime formatting, e.g. `{start_time:%I:%M %p}`) * `{delay}` — Reason for delay, if game is currently delayed. Otherwise, this formatter will be blank. * `{postponed}` — Reason for postponement, if game has been postponed. Otherwise, this formatter will be blank. * `{extra_innings}` — When a game lasts longer than 9 innings, this formatter will show that number of innings. Otherwise, it will blank. .. rubric:: Team abbreviations * **ARI** — Arizona Diamondbacks * **ATL** — Atlanta Braves * **BAL** — Baltimore Orioles * **BOS** — Boston Red Sox * **CHC** — Chicago Cubs * **CIN** — Cincinnati Reds * **CLE** — Cleveland Indians * **COL** — Colorado Rockies * **CWS** — Chicago White Sox * **DET** — Detroit Tigers * **HOU** — Houston Astros * **KC** — Kansas City Royals * **LAA** — Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim * **LAD** — Los Angeles Dodgers * **MIA** — Miami Marlins * **MIL** — Milwaukee Brewers * **MIN** — Minnesota Twins * **NYY** — New York Yankees * **NYM** — New York Mets * **OAK** — Oakland Athletics * **PHI** — Philadelphia Phillies * **PIT** — Pittsburgh Pirates * **SD** — San Diego Padres * **SEA** — Seattle Mariners * **SF** — San Francisco Giants * **STL** — St. Louis Cardinals * **TB** — Tampa Bay Rays * **TEX** — Texas Rangers * **TOR** — Toronto Blue Jays * **WSH** — Washington Nationals ''' interval = 300 settings = ( ('favorite_teams', 'List of abbreviations of favorite teams. Games ' 'for these teams will appear first in the scroll ' 'list. A detailed description of how games are ' 'ordered can be found ' ':ref:`here <scores-game-order>`.'), ('all_games', 'If set to ``True``, all games will be present in ' 'the scroll list. If set to ``False``, then only ' 'games from **favorite_teams** will be present in ' 'the scroll list.'), ('display_order', 'When **all_games** is set to ``True``, this ' 'option will dictate the order in which games from ' 'teams not in **favorite_teams** are displayed'), ('format_no_games', 'Format used when no tracked games are scheduled ' 'for the current day (does not support formatter ' 'placeholders)'), ('format_pregame', 'Format used when the game has not yet started'), ('format_in_progress', 'Format used when the game is in progress'), ('format_final', 'Format used when the game is complete'), ('format_postponed', 'Format used when the game has been postponed'), ('format_suspended', 'Format used when the game has been suspended'), ('inning_top', 'Value for the ``{top_bottom}`` formatter when game ' 'is in the top half of an inning'), ('inning_bottom', 'Value for the ``{top_bottom}`` formatter when game ' 'is in the bottom half of an inning'), ('team_colors', 'Dictionary mapping team abbreviations to hex color ' 'codes. If overridden, the passed values will be ' 'merged with the defaults, so it is not necessary to ' 'define all teams if specifying this value.'), ('date', 'Date for which to display game scores, in **YYYY-MM-DD** ' 'format. If unspecified, the current day\'s games will be ' 'displayed starting at 10am Eastern time, with last ' 'evening\'s scores being shown before then. This option ' 'exists primarily for troubleshooting purposes.'), ('live_url', 'Alternate URL string to launch MLB Gameday. This value ' 'should not need to be changed'), ('scoreboard_url', 'Link to the scoreboard page. Like ' '**live_url**, this value should not need to be ' 'changed.'), ('api_url', 'Alternate URL string from which to retrieve score data. ' 'Like **live_url*** this value should not need to be ' 'changed.'), ) required = () _default_colors = { 'ARI': '#A71930', 'ATL': '#CE1141', 'BAL': '#DF4601', 'BOS': '#BD3039', 'CHC': '#004EC1', 'CIN': '#C6011F', 'CLE': '#E31937', 'COL': '#5E5EB6', 'CWS': '#DADADA', 'DET': '#FF6600', 'HOU': '#EB6E1F', 'KC': '#0046DD', 'LAA': '#BA0021', 'LAD': '#005A9C', 'MIA': '#00A3E0', 'MIL': '#0747CC', 'MIN': '#D31145', 'NYY': '#0747CC', 'NYM': '#FF5910', 'OAK': '#006659', 'PHI': '#E81828', 'PIT': '#FFCC01', 'SD': '#FFC425', 'SEA': '#2E8B90', 'SF': '#FD5A1E', 'STL': '#B53B30', 'TB': '#8FBCE6', 'TEX': '#C0111F', 'TOR': '#0046DD', 'WSH': '#C70003', } _valid_teams = [x for x in _default_colors] _valid_display_order = ['in_progress', 'suspended', 'final', 'postponed', 'pregame'] display_order = _valid_display_order format_no_games = 'MLB: No games' format_pregame = '[{scroll} ]MLB: [{away_favorite} ]{away_abbrev} ({away_wins}-{away_losses}) at [{home_favorite} ]{home_abbrev} ({home_wins}-{home_losses}) {start_time:%H:%M %Z}[ ({delay} Delay)]' format_in_progress = '[{scroll} ]MLB: [{away_favorite} ]{away_abbrev} {away_score}, [{home_favorite} ]{home_abbrev} {home_score} ({top_bottom} {inning}, {outs} Out)[ ({delay} Delay)]' format_final = '[{scroll} ]MLB: [{away_favorite} ]{away_abbrev} {away_score} ({away_wins}-{away_losses}) at [{home_favorite} ]{home_abbrev} {home_score} ({home_wins}-{home_losses}) (Final[/{extra_innings}])' format_postponed = '[{scroll} ]MLB: [{away_favorite} ]{away_abbrev} ({away_wins}-{away_losses}) at [{home_favorite} ]{home_abbrev} ({home_wins}-{home_losses}) (PPD: {postponed})' format_suspended = '[{scroll} ]MLB: [{away_favorite} ]{away_abbrev} {away_score} ({away_wins}-{away_losses}) at [{home_favorite} ]{home_abbrev} {home_score} ({home_wins}-{home_losses}) (Suspended: {suspended})' inning_top = 'Top' inning_bottom = 'Bot' team_colors = _default_colors live_url = LIVE_URL scoreboard_url = SCOREBOARD_URL api_url = API_URL @require(internet) def check_scores(self): self.get_api_date() url = self.api_url % (,, game_list = self.get_nested( self.api_request(url), 'dates:0:games', default=[]) if not isinstance(game_list, list): # When only one game is taking place during a given day, the game # data is just a single dict containing that game's data, rather # than a list of dicts. Encapsulate the single game dict in a list # to make it process correctly in the loop below. game_list = [game_list] # Convert list of games to dictionary for easy reference later on data = {} team_game_map = {} for game in game_list: try: id_ = game['gamePk'] except (KeyError, TypeError): continue away_abbrev = self.get_nested( game, 'teams:away:team:abbreviation').upper() home_abbrev = self.get_nested( game, 'teams:home:team:abbreviation').upper() if away_abbrev and home_abbrev: try: for team in (home_abbrev, away_abbrev): if team in self.favorite_teams: team_game_map.setdefault(team, []).append(id_) except KeyError: continue data[id_] = game self.interpret_api_return(data, team_game_map) def process_game(self, game): ret = {} self.logger.debug('Processing %s game data: %s', self.__class__.__name__, game) linescore = self.get_nested(game, 'linescore', default={}) ret['id'] = game['gamePk'] ret['inning'] = self.get_nested(linescore, 'currentInning', default=0) ret['outs'] = self.get_nested(linescore, 'outs') ret['live_url'] = self.live_url % ret['id'] for team in ('away', 'home'): team_data = self.get_nested(game, 'teams:%s' % team, default={}) if team == 'home': ret['venue'] = self.get_nested(team_data, 'venue:name') ret['%s_city' % team] = self.get_nested( team_data, 'team:locationName') ret['%s_name' % team] = self.get_nested( team_data, 'team:teamName') ret['%s_abbrev' % team] = self.get_nested( team_data, 'team:abbreviation') ret['%s_wins' % team] = self.get_nested( team_data, 'leagueRecord:wins', default=0) ret['%s_losses' % team] = self.get_nested( team_data, 'leagueRecord:losses', default=0) ret['%s_score' % team] = self.get_nested( linescore, 'teams:%s:runs' % team, default=0) for key in ('delay', 'postponed', 'suspended'): ret[key] = '' ret['status'] = self.get_nested(game, 'status:detailedState').replace(' ', '_').lower() if ret['status'] == 'delayed_start': ret['status'] = 'pregame' ret['delay'] = self.get_nested(game, 'status:reason', default='Unknown') elif ret['status'].startswith('delayed'): ret['status'] = 'in_progress' ret['delay'] = game['status']['detailedState'].split(':', 1)[-1].strip() elif ret['status'] == 'postponed': ret['postponed'] = self.get_nested(game, 'status:reason', default='Unknown Reason') elif ret['status'] == 'suspended': ret['suspended'] = self.get_nested(game, 'status:reason', default='Unknown Reason') elif ret['status'].startswith('completed_early') or ret['status'] == 'game_over': ret['status'] = 'final' elif ret['status'] not in ('in_progress', 'final'): ret['status'] = 'pregame' try: ret['extra_innings'] = ret['inning'] \ if ret['status'] == 'final' and ret['inning'] != 9 \ else '' except ValueError: ret['extra_innings'] = '' top_bottom = self.get_nested(linescore, 'inningHalf').lower() ret['top_bottom'] = self.inning_top if top_bottom == 'top' \ else self.inning_bottom if top_bottom == 'bottom' \ else '' try: game_time = datetime.strptime( self.get_nested(game, 'gameDate'), '%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%SZ') except ValueError as exc: # Log when the date retrieved from the API return doesn't match the # expected format (to help troubleshoot API changes), and set an # actual datetime so format strings work as expected. The times # will all be wrong, but the logging here will help us make the # necessary changes to adapt to any API changes. self.logger.error( 'Error encountered determining %s game time for game %s:', self.__class__.__name__, game['gamePk'], exc_info=True ) game_time = datetime(1970, 1, 1) ret['start_time'] = pytz.timezone('UTC').localize(game_time).astimezone() self.logger.debug('Returned %s formatter data: %s', self.__class__.__name__, ret) return ret