Source code for i3pystatus.mail.notmuchmail

# note that this needs the notmuch python bindings. For more info see:
import notmuch
import configparser
import os
from i3pystatus.mail import Backend

[docs]class Notmuch(Backend): """ This class uses the notmuch python bindings to check for the number of messages in the notmuch database with the tags "inbox" and "unread" """ settings = ( ("db_path", "Path to the directory of your notmuch database"), ("query", "Same query notmuch would accept, by default 'tag:unread and tag:inbox'"), ) db_path = None query = "tag:unread and tag:inbox" def init(self): if not self.db_path: defaultConfigFilename = os.path.expanduser("~/.notmuch-config") config = configparser.RawConfigParser() # read tries to read and returns successfully read filenames successful =[ os.environ.get("NOTMUCH_CONFIG", defaultConfigFilename), defaultConfigFilename ]) self.db_path = config.get("database", "path") @property def unread(self): db = notmuch.Database(self.db_path) result = notmuch.Query(db, self.query).count_messages() db.close() return result
Backend = Notmuch