Source code for i3pystatus.mail.imap

from i3pystatus.core.util import require, internet

    from imaplib2.imaplib2 import IMAP4, IMAP4_SSL
    use_idle = True
except ImportError:
    from imaplib import IMAP4, IMAP4_SSL
    use_idle = False
import contextlib
import time
import socket
from threading import Thread

from i3pystatus.mail import Backend

IMAP_EXCEPTIONS = (socket.error, socket.gaierror, IMAP4.abort, IMAP4.error)

[docs]class IMAP(Backend): """ Checks for mail on a IMAP server """ settings = ( "host", "port", "username", "password", ('keyring_backend', 'alternative keyring backend for retrieving credentials'), "ssl", "mailbox", ) required = ("host", "username", "password") keyring_backend = None port = 993 ssl = True mailbox = "INBOX" imap_class = IMAP4 connection = None last = 0 def init(self): if self.ssl: self.imap_class = IMAP4_SSL if use_idle: self.thread = Thread(target=self._idle_thread) self.daemon = True self.thread.start() @contextlib.contextmanager def ensure_connection(self): try: if self.connection: if not self.connection: self.connection = self.imap_class(, self.port) self.connection.login(self.username, self.password) yield except IMAP_EXCEPTIONS: # NOTE(sileht): retry just once if the connection have been # broken to ensure this is not a sporadic connection lost. # Like wifi reconnect, sleep wake up try: self.connection.close() except IMAP_EXCEPTIONS: pass try: self.connection.logout() except IMAP_EXCEPTIONS: pass # Wait a bit when disconnection occurs to not hog the cpu time.sleep(1) self.connection = None def _idle_thread(self): # update mail count on startup with self.ensure_connection(): self.count_new_mail() while True: with self.ensure_connection(): # Block until new mails self.connection.idle() # Read how many self.count_new_mail() def count_new_mail(self): self.last = len(, "UnSeen")[1][0].split()) @property @require(internet) def unread(self): if not use_idle: with self.ensure_connection(): self.count_new_mail() return self.last
Backend = IMAP